This initiative brings new, cutting-edge art into workplaces. It gives organisations the opportunity to lease original, contemporary sculptures from emerging and established artists.

 SPG Loans offers a new, sustainable, and innovative approach to incorporating artworks in workplaces. Helping you to put creativity and innovation at the heart of your operations.

Floating Head at Clyde Boatyard in 2021

Floating Head

Sculpture Placement Group is primarily a research organisation. Our work impacts the visual arts, our projects promote sustainability and pilot economic models to support artists. Floating Head was a legacy project we undertook over the course of 3 years. 

Floating Head is 26-tonne floating artwork was originally commissioned for Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988. It was conceived by Richard Groom who made it alongside shipbuilders at the Govan Docks on the banks of the Clyde. The sculpture bonds Glasgow’s industrial history and materials with the process of art-making.

SPG champion sustainability in the visual arts and create new ways to support artists economically. Our Club brings you on this journey and gives you two sculptures from leading contemporary artists every year.

SPG Club offers its subscribers a unique experience. Our membership model gives subscribers an insight into how artworks are made and access to the artists themselves.