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Sculpture Open Call - Sculpture Placement Group

Sculpture open call

We're looking for sculptures for both indoor and outdoor locations for storage and display. submit your work.


This is an open call for sculptures! We’re continuing our commitment to extend the lifecycle of sculptures, and create economic opportunities for artists outside of gallery institutions. 

Currently we have multiple opportunities to store and/or show sculptural works in sites around Scotland, including Glasgow University, Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We have specific demand for outdoor sculptures for these projects; although, there’s both indoor and outdoor sites available.

This call is in response to the storage and resource management problems in the visual arts sector – an area explored in depth through our work with ARMS.

 Importantly, our work honours the embodied energy of the materials and resources of artworks. This is in response to the CIimate Emergency, declared by the Scottish Government in 2019. By developing different models and praxis for the visual arts, we believe we can implement meaningful change in the sector.

This project continues our partnership with Outer Spaces, an organisation that takes on empty commercial properties and gives them to artists free of charge. We’re developing new ways of working collaboratively with Outer Spaces in sites all across Scotland.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the locations and logistics, please get in touch with us.

There’s variable fees associated with each placement, dependent on scale, and the capacity of the stakeholders involved. You can submit the artworks via our website here, or you can also email us for more information and any questions: kate@sculptureplacementgroup.org.uk


  • Kilmarnock
  • Edinburgh
  • Galashiels
  • Glasgow 
  • Stirling
  • Aberdeen


Nick Evans @ Outer Spaces | Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

Although storage is a persistent issue for sculptors. There’s another component of this open call: the opportunity to bring these artworks to contexts and publics outside of the gallery and art institutions. 

We work with a wide network of artists, and all of them involved talk about privileging this opportunity. Artworks take a lot of resources and capacity to create, to have them only on display in one place with one group of people is a loss for both the artist and us all. 

“I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea. My sculptures can take a year or more to make, and then if I exhibit them in a gallery they might be on show for a week or two weeks. Only a limited number of people will see them, so it definitely extends the time when the pieces are actually on show and also it extends the audience because more people will see them. People who may never actually think of going into a gallery might see it, it’s great to take the work to a wider audience and let it live for longer.”


Daisy Richardson

Beagles & Ramsey, Handbag @ Geek Retreat, Galasheils