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Environmental Policy - Sculpture Placement Group

Environment Policy

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Our Commitment

SPG has put circular economic practices at the heart of all the projects we devise and deliver. We will strive to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner, ensuring our own operations, and those of the projects we instigate and collaborate on, are using the most sustainable methods and materials available.

We will work with partners to encourage environmentally sustainable behaviours, and we actively develop tools to help the arts sector work more sustainably. We developed and maintain the platform Circular Arts Network (CAN), which is a circular economy tool for the arts sector. We work with other sectors such as construction and manufacturing to facilitate the reuse of surplus and waste materials, for the benefit of the arts community.


Suppliers and equipment


  • We will work with suppliers who operate in a sustainable manner and who, ideally, have an environmental policy of their own.
  • We will buy equipment that is as energy efficient as possible, balanced with cost efficiency.




  • We will encourage the use of public transport for all staff travel; encourage travel only when necessary; and avoid duplication of staff travel
  • Environmental sustainability will be everyone’s responsibility
  • Where we have control over energy choices, we will select a green option


  • We actively devise projects that make use of existing artwork, rather than making something new
  • We employ circular economy principles to our projects, ensuring any new artwork created has multiple lives built in at conception
  • We are in the process of testing the viability of a 10 year legacy plan, to be in place at the point of commissioning any new artwork for exhibition
  • We try to ensure that all materials that are used in our projects are from recycled or surplus stock, and we reuse these materials, either in-house or passing on to others to reuse (via CAN)



  • We will communicate digitally via e-mail, our website, social media or in person wherever possible and use print only when necessary. This will apply to publications, newsletters, leaflets and other communications materials.
  • Where print is required, we will aim to source suppliers who operate sustainably and use sustainable or recycled materials.
  • We will always encourage recycling of our printed materials.

Sharing and Influencing


  • We endeavour to share our resources within the arts community
  • We hope to influence the arts community to work more sustainably
  • We are a Green Arts Initiative member of Creative Carbon Scotland 
  • We are actively initiating a cross-sector circular economy sharing network, working with Stage, Screen etc to find ways to share resources and facilitate reuse of materials


We will reference this policy with regards to every project we work on and will review this statement yearly, to ensure we are meeting each commitment and that our endeavours are in line with local and national government as well as other partners in the arts community.