About SPG

Sculpture Placement Group’s mission is to prolong the life-span of sculptures, bring sculptural joy into people’s lives & offer economic/practical solutions for artists.

What We Do

  • Pilot new models for commissioning/collecting/engaging with Sculpture
  • Encourage sustainable practices within the arts
  • Unlock potential of artworks for artists’ future benefit
  • Place Sculpture in non-art contexts and communities
  • Run projects such as the Sculpture Adoption Scheme

Why We Do It

  • Sculpture is a declining artform
  • Sculpture is a highly engaging and accessible artform
  • Sculptural practices are uneconomical and hard to sustain
  • To encourage diversity in audiences and practitioners

Our flagship project is the Sculpture Adoption Scheme, which, rather like an art rental scheme, matches artworks with new homes, but keeps them safe for the artists to use in the future.

Sculpture Placement Group are a registered Community Interest Company with four directors; Martin Craig, Kate V Robertson, Michelle Emery-Barker and Nicola Godsal.


We are currently funded by Creative Scotland