Empowering Artists, Designing New Systems

Sculpture Placement Group design, pilot and share new ways of working so that artists are better supported, arts organisations work sustainably and more people get to experience art in their daily lives.


SPG ensures art is inclusive, offering barrier-free opportunities and clear communication.


Addressing the Climate Emergency, SPG promotes circular economy principles, minimizing waste and sharing resources.


Our action research approach facilitates practical applications, enhancing the working lives of arts professionals.


SPG collaborates closely with artists, ensuring projects empower them and support their careers.

Working Sustainably, Enriching Lives

Our team 

Kate V Robertson


Michelle Emery-Barker


Josh Hill


Megan Williams


Innovating Art for All: Ethical and Accessible Initiatives

We’re Sculpture Placement Group (SPG), our mission is to innovate, support artists, and ensure that art is a vital part of everyday life. Through pioneering initiatives and creating useful tools, we’re breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for artists while supporting the wider arts sector to address the urgent challenges of the Climate Emergency.

At SPG, accessibility is paramount. We believe that art should be for everyone, which is why we strive to make our projects and tools barrier-free and easily understandable. Our commitment to accessibility extends to ensuring that all our resources are available free of charge, ensuring that anyone can engage with the arts regardless of their background or circumstances.

Ethical conduct is fundamental to our work. We operate with transparency, respect, and fairness, providing a safe and inclusive environment for all. From fair pay and safe working conditions to fostering open dialogue and collaboration, we prioritize the well-being and dignity of everyone involved with SPG. Join us in building a future where artists thrive, art is accessible to all, and the arts sector operates sustainably for generations to come, addressing the challenges posed by the Climate Emergency head-on.


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