CAN: Circular Arts Network – a circular economy tool for the arts



CAN (Circular Arts Network) is a new online platform for redistributing spare, used or surplus materials, exchanging skills, labour and coordinating transport for the benefit of your local arts community. CAN reduces waste and offers a pathway for companies and organisations to support their local arts communities by providing a platform to list materials and resources.

The project was developed by Sculpture Placement Group and Scottish Contemporary Art Network.

💫 Easy to Use

CAN is very easy to use. For any surplus materials you have, or any resources you think could be listed, all you need to do is:

1) Create a listing.
2) Post an image.
3) Specify when and where items are to be collected.

Artists will find a use for anything and everything – one organisation’s rubbish is an artist’s raw materials!

If you have any queries contact us at

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🗣 CAN talking to the Artists

We at Sculpture Placement Group and Scottish Contemporary Art Network place the experience of the artist at the centre of our projects. We’ve spoken to artists about their practises, drawing on their experiences collecting materials, sharing skills and the overlaps between different creative disciplines. These experiences highlight the circulatory of art production and illustrate CAN’s alignment to contemporary practise in the arts.

Our first chat was with Katie Shannon. Shannon’s work spans across different disciplines utilising self-organising networks and repurposing materials to create her work. She represents the communities that exist between and within these different disciplines in a series of clothing, prints and sculptures.

Our next chat was with Scottish sculptor and writer David Batchelor who uses materials found in his searches around the streets of London in a commitment to examining colour and the latent histories of an object.