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You are my Sunshine

Steve Hines

You are my Sunshine

Steve Hines





Dimensions (cm)

Height: 132.5
Length: 100
Depth: 18


Clear acrylic, clear acetate, polyurethane foam, aluminium, steel, MDF, pine, card, acrylic paint.

Suitable Locations for the Work

  • Indoors
  • Wall-mounted

Background, history, commissioner of the work

As per my usual way of working I had collected a number of interesting elements & I wanted to create an assemblage, a wall relief. Also in my mind was the desire to make some kind of tribute to my Mother who had passed away the previous year, although this in itself didn't determine the form or composition as such. I did however wish to make a large blue form that was a starting point and also my mothers favourite colour. I too particularly admire this Ultramarine Blue, its vibrancy, its impact.

Thematic/contextual information

As the elements gathered were disparate I wanted to make an abstract, unbalanced & asymmetrical piece that once together,complete,would be a stimuli for the eye where the elements could have a relationship to each other but also be noticed for their individuality. I want the eye to be able to rove around the image whilst encourging the viewer to explore further - to see what is behind or on the side of the work. A personal reference to my mother is found in the central texture of a cable design

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