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Vitrine: Samples of Radioactive Boglach

Aimee Lax

Vitrine: Samples of Radioactive Boglach

Aimee Lax





Dimensions (cm)

Height: 96
Length: 244
Depth: 53


Clay, silicone, porcelain, fabric, wood, glass, metal.

Current Location

Stroud, Gloucestershire

Suitable Locations for the Work

  • Indoors
  • Freestanding

Background, history, commissioner of the work

This piece is from ‘Radioactive Boglach’, a body work made in response to my residency in 2017 at Cove Park, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. This was funded by New Brewery Arts, Cirencester. The work later toured to Mission Gallery, Swansea, Wales.

Thematic/contextual information

During my residency at Cove Park, I was struck by the existence of nuclear warheads at Coulport. I began a fictional field study, of what might happen to the plants and organisms nearby, should they be exposed to long-term, low-level radiation. This sealed vitrine displays ‘Samples of Radioactive Boglach’. These are eerie but quirky results of my findings. This nuclear enquiry fuelled on-going concerns with our energy crisis and the knowledge that no source of energy is fully ‘Green’.