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Keep it Clean

Christopher Jaratt

A sculpture of a giant hairbrush made from wooden rods with red golf balls at the tip

Keep it Clean

Christopher Jaratt



Dimensions (cm)

Height: 55
Length: 180
Depth: 65


English Cherry, reclaimed golf balls

Current Location

Artist's Studio, Sheffield

Transport Requirements

Has crate, need Van or Courier

Suitable Locations for the Work

indoors, floorbased

About the Artwork

Christopher's painting, sculpture and social engaged practice encourages the exploration of our imagination, how we 'read' objects and images, striving to find new narratives. What stories do they hold, what can they tell us? When an object loses the function it is so well known for and is placed in a new environment, the user is asked to question and engage with it in a new light. This work has previously been exhibited internationally but never as a public installation in the UK.

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