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Believe in the words you take and then speak forever

Aaron McCarthy

Believe in the words you take and then speak forever

Aaron McCarthy





Dimensions (cm)

Height: Various, Max 300
Length: Various
Depth: 2

Number of Components


Current Location

Artist's Flat, Glasgow

Transport Requirements

Flat bed truck

Suitable Locations for the Work

indoors, outdoors, freestanding

About the Artwork

Developed for TH4Y 2015 graduate how at Generator Projects, Dundee - Supported by Hope Scott Trust and Dundee Visual Artist Award. Re-shown at CCA Intermedia Solo show 'New Pyre' and then hosted at SSW on a hillside over a weekend in 2016. And then two of the words were shown at Glasgow Open House 2017 at Skypark Glasgow. This was intentional as meaning of work relates to re-use and appropriation of language, ideas, meaning, asking what remains over time. Text is taken from Werner Herzog's 'Nosferatu': the vampire morbidly asks "Can you image enduring centuries?' The artist was researching artistic practice as vampiric in relation to appropriation and interpretation of meanings.

Additional Information

This is yet to be treated to remain outdoors for long periods of time - Each word can be secured together (welded) for it to become freestanding securely - it has edges, take care not to bump into.

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