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Stand like Tombs

Rosie Dowd-Smyth

Stand like Tombs

Rosie Dowd-Smyth





Dimensions (cm)

Height: 235
Length: 120
Depth: 120


rebar, steel, wood, cardboard, foam, mod roc, plaster, cement, sand, ink, soft pastel, yacht varnish

Current Location

Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 2 Dawson Road G4 9SS

Suitable Locations for the Work

  • Indoors
  • Floor-based
  • Freestanding

Background, history, commissioner of the work

I am currently undertaking a Fellowship at Glasgow Sculpture studios, funded by Artist's collecting society and awarded by the MFA at Glasgow School of Art. I have made this work at Glasgow sculpture studios, with no commissioner/ particular event or exhibition in mind: I just wanted it to exist! The materials were paid for using my grant money from the Artists Collecting Society.

Thematic/contextual information

The work stemmed from an enquiry into what it means to be a monument, and what it means to not be forgotten. The sculpture depicts to very large, stretched high heeled shoes, where the wearer will never be seen. Borrowing from late 90's depiction of authority figures, where the character is illustrated simply by the bottom half of their body. The sculpture is melancholic, and a bit silly, which I believe all monuments should be and very few actually are.

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