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Plane G-BRJT

Matt Smart





Dimensions (cm)

Height: 400
Length: 300 (ground space needed)
Depth: 300 (ground space needed)


back end of a Cessna 150 aircraft: mostly aluminium, some steel, and aircraft paint.

Current Location

West Wales

Transport Requirements

Van (Artist has transport)

Suitable Locations for the Work


About the Artwork

Installed in 2017 as 'The Fifth Plinth' of the Ludlow Fringe Festival's Art Trail, where Matt was Artist in Residence, based at the Parish church. The piece was installed in the Churchyard. The theme was resilience and circularity of life. In the church setting it had resonance with the resurrection, and it is somewhat cross-shaped. A typical reaction from adults is that it represents Brexit.

Additional Information

Requires earth grounding rather than concrete or tarmac.

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