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On the Move Again

Lewis Robinson

On the Move Again

Lewis Robinson





Dimensions (cm)

Height: 108
Length: 21
Depth: 72


painted steel

Suitable Locations for the Work

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Floor-based
  • Freestanding

Background, history, commissioner of the work

This work was part of a series of works made in my studio between 1994-1998 as part of my own research into working with scrap steel, reaquainting myself with welding, cutting and grinding steel. This work has been exhibited several times over the years including a solo show in Normandy, France 1998.

Thematic/contextual information

This image of a half-pram- half-house hybrid was made at a time when I was refamiliarizing myself with the processes of welding and cutting steel; reawakened by a move to the Northeast coast on Teesside. My first wife and I were starting a family. Our second child on the way. Linguistically and visually, this piece evokes childhood. The title is ironic and reflects on the experience of relocating once again with a young family.

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