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Festoons and Facsimiles

Joanne Masding

Festoons and Facsimiles

Joanne Masding





Dimensions (cm)

Height: 120
Length: 130
Depth: 45


Plaster (some invisible internal metal supports)

Number of Components


Current Location

Grand Union, Birmingham

Transport Requirements

Care (crated)

Suitable Locations for the Work

indoors, floorbased, freestanding

Additional Information

The works are fragile, but have been successfully transported by art handlers from Birmingham, to Walsall and back, and on a return journey to Liverpool. They've been displayed in public galleries for a total of 10 months without incident. The thinnest of the three should be positioned close to a wall. It's important that viewers can get up close and see the surfaces, as well as the works existing architecturally.

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