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Element 90, Face Centred Cubic, White.

Dominic Hopkinson

Element 90, Face Centred Cubic, White.

Dominic Hopkinson





Dimensions (cm)

Height: 62
Length: 39
Depth: 39


Plaster, wood, glass.

Suitable Locations for the Work

  • Outdoors
  • Floor-based
  • Freestanding
  • On a plinth

Background, history, commissioner of the work

Created as part of a body of work that grew out of a research residency at University of Exeter, looking at the impact of the Human Genome Project. My research was jointly funded by Arts Council England and the University, and culminated in a solo exhibition at the Northcote Gallery, on campus.

Thematic/contextual information

I was studying how organic cells might fill space, and tried to replicate this process in my studio. A cell, at a basic level is a flexible membrane full of liquid, so I began to fill balloons with liquid plaster, as a direct analogy. The plaster sets though, and so enables the structure to be frozen, captured, at various points in the making. I set rules, such as the size of the container, measured quantities of plaster, then allow the process to build itself.

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