What is SPG Club?

SPG club is a new subscription scheme with 35 places. Subscribers pay a monthly fee of £45 and will receive 2 specially commissioned, domestically-scaled sculptures per year, delivered straight to your door, to keep forever. These sculptures are produced in a limited edition especially for the club.

The Artists

The artists for SPG Club 01 are Andy Holden and Holly Hendry. These artists were selected by the SPG curators and briefed specifically to make work for SPG Club, with a domestic content in mind. The artists both have an excellent track record and have achieved commercial and critical success, both in the UK and Internationally. SPG Club subscribers will have exclusive access to an artist’s event – most likely to be a talk or conversation with the artist, held online, details tbc.

The Artworks

The artworks have not been produced yet, they will go into production in Feb 2021. We do not know what the sculptures will look like. We know that both Andy and Holly are excellent artists, they have been briefed to make work which is domestically-scaled and that must be suitable for a family audience and be able to be posted by regular parcel delivery. They have been given a limited budget in line with the subscription income. Aside from these limitations the artists are free to respond in however they choose. You will not know what the sculpture looks like until you receive it.

The Edition

The artworks will be produced in a limited edition of 35 (subscribers), 4 (donated sculptures to charities, 1 artist proof and 1 SPG proof. Maximum of 41.


Registration ends on Feb 24th 2021. The first monthly payment will be taken on 28th Feb 20201, and on the 28th of each subsequent month, with the last payment being taken on 28th Jan 2022. The first sculpture will be issued in June 2021 and the second in Jan 2022.


As part of the registration process you will be required to register with Gocardless. They will process the monthly payments of £45. If you wish to pay up front in one payment of £540 that can be arranged with SPG. Gocardless do not accept payments with a credit card. If you wish to pay with a credit card we can set up a payment plan via PayPal for monthly payments or a one-off payment up front.


We are unable to offer refunds on SPG Club subscriptions. In the event that a sculpture arrives damaged in the post SPG Club will offer a replacement. 


SPG Club relies on the income from subscriptions and cannot operate on a reduced membership, therefore we ask you to commit to the full year membership, at which point you will be asked if you wish to renew your membership. You can cancel the payments at anytime and this will result in immediate withdrawal from SPG Club and you will receive no further sculptures.


Should SPG Club continue for a second edition, current subscribers will be invited to renew their subscription. We will not automatically renew it.

Income and Profits

SPG is a registered Community Interest Company. This first edition of SPG Club has been subsidized by Henry Moore Foundation and Creative Scotland. The model has been developed to keep the cost as low as possible to cover production costs and the 4 donated subscriptions we have committed to giving away as part of our community benefit offer. We do not anticipate the first edition of SPG Club to generate a profit. Any profits generated by subsequent editions of  SPG Club will be reinvested into subsidising our work with charities.


SPG Club will ship to addresses anywhere in the UK free of charge. International subscribers will have to pay the difference between the UK shipping costs and costs of shipping to their destination. We will use recognised delivery firms offering best service and/or most competitive price. We will ship to the delivery address provided on registering, unless we are notified otherwise. 

International Subscribers

SPG Club is based in the UK. We accept International subscribers but you will have to pay the difference between domestic and international shipping costs. You can register via Gocardless as per our UK members, but cannot do this via credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card you will need to make arrangements with SPG to pay via PayPal.

Copyright and Ownership

The artworks copyright will remain with the artist. The subscriber will own the sculpture. Should you wish to resell the sculpture the artist will be entitled to artists resale rights (ARR) where applicable. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/artists-resale-right

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