Circular Arts Network: Glasgow School of Art Competition



About CAN:

Circular Arts Network (CAN) is a circular economy tool for the arts, a sharing platform or marketplace such as Gumtree, members can use CAN to give materials and equipment away and to source free or affordable materials for use within their practise. It is used by creative people and organisations and we also bring in surplus materials from other sectors such as construction. Joining is free of charge!

Sculpture Placement Group are offering a £200 cash prize to a student from Glasgow School of Art for the best use of materials sourced on CAN and repurposed within an artwork.

To enter:

  • Register at
  • Find some materials to use within you work (it can be anything big or small).
  • Send us a picture(s) and short text showing the work and what material or resource from CAN you used to make it.

We will review all works submitted before 1st June and choose the winner!

Winner will receive a £200 cash prize and be posted on our FB, Insta and Twitter.

NB: We just  need an image of the work NOT the actual artwork!

Please email your submission to